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Hooray! I am ready for TK!

Johnny Appleseed Day!

Pirate Say AR! The "ar" sound.

TK and Kinder Team

Addie, Mary
Damian, Faviana
Hauderowicz, Sophia
Kuhn, Melissa
Lopez, Luz
Zagurski, Stacy
Zelaya, Robin
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before and after school. 

Preparing your child

Parents, please teach/ reinforce this at home with your child to:


  • Tell his/her first and last name
  • Tell his/her age
  • Tell the names of colors (red, blue, green, etc.)
  • Count from 1 to 20 aloud.
  • Recognize his first name in print
  • Know left side and right side
  • Express him/herself in sentences of 4 or more words
  • Listen attentively

Social (Daily)

  • Dress him/herself
  • Totally care for toileting needs (be potty-trained)
  • Carry out responsibilities (picking up/ cleaning after themselves)
  • Respect rights of others
  • Share, take turns
  • Make friends
  • Concentrates on an activity
  • Try new experiences
  • Follow/ listen to directions given/ set by adults 



You can order online at                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Here are a list of the teacher's access codes:

Room 1 - Mrs. Damian QGRGV 

Room 2 - Mrs. Kuhn DVZT2

Room 3 - Mrs. Lopez GX7HX

Room 6 - Mrs. Zelaya 

Room 7 -  Mrs. Addie & Zagurski JT7Q9

Room 18 - Miss. Hauderowicz RBVFV




TK & Kindergarten

Winter Holiday Program - Dec. 20th

Becoming a Reader- Helping Your Child Become a Reader

Every step a child takes toward learning to read leads to another.                                                                                                                   

  • Talk and listen
  • Listen to stories read aloud
  • Pretend to read.
  • Learn how to handle books
  • Learn about print and how it works
  • Identify letters by name and shape
  • Identify separate sounds in spoken language.
  • Write with scribbles and drawings
  • Connect single letters with the sounds they make.
  • Connect what they already know to what they hear read.
  • Predict what comes next in stories and poems.
  • Connect combinations of letters with sounds.
  • Recognize simple words in print.
  • Sum up what a story is about.
  • Write letters of the alphabet
  • Write words.
  • Write a simple sentence.
  • Write to communicate.
  • Read simple books. us dept of ed.

Homework Binders & Weekly Packets

Homework Binders will come home weekly on Monday. Please work on homework daily and return in the homework binder on Friday. Our homework goal in Kindergarten is to establish responsibility and review class work. Remember to sign your child's homework. Inside the binder you can find a weekly packet and read & response sheets. Please encourage your child to read books. Your child can read the pictures, read the sight words and retell stories. The West Covina Library has some great books and reading programs to inspire your child.

PTA Activities & News

"Get involved, volunteer, and support the programs that provide enriching experiences for all students." It's also FUN!! Join PTA $7.00


6th Grade Reading Buddies!

Cinco de Mayo!

Rainbow Sight Words

Road to college

Kindergarten Team!

Paraeducators & Mrs. Damian!

TK Squad

Fluency with sight words are a huge part of reading fluency!

Critical Thinking Skills!

100 Mile Run!

Community Workers!

We Will Be Learning... 


Language Arts -Benchmark Advance, Reading Clinic Development, SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Sight Words). Morning Reading Rotations - ABC Book! 

Lexia Learning -Technology: Literacy Improvement & Assessment 

Writing Tools - Thinking Map Journals to help our Mustangs with their writing.  

Writing Program - Write from the Beginning and Beyond

Math - Common Core State Standards Math & Math Rotations. 

STEAM - Science - Technology (iPads) - Engineering - Arts - Math  

PE - Balancing , Coordination and Aerobic capabilities . 100 Mile Run Fitness,

PE reduces stress, strengthens friendships, and improves self confidence. 

Music - Rhythm and Singing 

Capturing Kids' Hearts - Merlinda students are respectful, responsible and safe ... always ready to learn.

NO EXCUSES UNIVERSITY - College Begins in TK /  Kindergarten! 

Save the Date


Oct. 26 - Harvest Festival

Nov. 9 - No School

Nov.12 - No School Veterans Day

Nov. 19-21 Thanksgiving Break

Dec.21-Jan.4 Winter Break

Jan.21 - No School

Feb. 11 - No School

Feb. 18 - No School

April 15-19 - Spring Break

May 27 - No School

June 7 - Last of School for Students 

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