Merlinda Elementary School

Bus Schedule

Merlinda Bus Schedule


  • N/W Pass and Covina Rd. & Maplegrove                   6:55 am
  • N/W Francisquito & Silverburch                             7:00 am
  • N/W Francisquito & Mullender (Church)                 7:01 am
  • N/W Francisquito & Aileron (Apts)                         7:03 am
  • N/E Glendora & Wescove                                        7:07 am




  • N/W Pass and Covina Rd. & Maplegrove             2:01 pm      Wed. 1:06 pm
  • N/W Francisquito & Silverburch                       2:05 pm      Wed. 1:10 pm
  • N/W Francisquito Mullender (Church)               2:06 pm      Wed. 1:11 pm
  • N/W Francisquito & Aileron                              2:08 pm      Wed. 1:12 pm
  • N/E Glendora & Wescove                                  2:10 pm       Wed. 1:15 pm

Important Information

School Bus


Riding the bus is a privilege! Students must obey all bus rules. 


Kindergarten students - Parents must meet kindergarten students at the bus stop. Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the drop off time, so you will be there when your child arrives. If the parent is not at the bus stop to pick up his or her child, the child will be returned back to school after the route. No exceptions